Alvand Gohar

Manufacturer of industrialbolts, bolts machines, oil and construction and construction road

Commercial group of Alvand Gohar established was established and began to work in 1973. By following four decades experience in the field of manufacturing with the goal of improving quality products and the use of expert personnel, this unit presents the effective and efficient services to corporates and industries.  Quality development and customer satisfaction is a key goal of the company. For this reason, this unit has established its quality management system based on ISO 9001-2008. their products include different kind of screws with the diameter (M65-M20), bolt with a diameter (1-5) in accordance with DIN-ISO standards, ASTM –NMG-BS in grade of -12.9-b7-b1610.9-8.8-5.8. 

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Mandatory standards
I S O 9001  :  2008
[Quality Service]
ISO  9001:2008
About Alvand Gohar

Commercial group of AlvandGohar established and began to work (1963) in the field of bolt and nut manufacturing.From the beginning of the activity, the highest quality is associated with thecompany’s products. Hence, we could be one of the largest and most reliable boltand nut manufacturers through the equipment and machinery in company with globalstandard, the qualified engineers and experienced personnel in various sectorsrelated to the purchase of raw materials from factory, production, production controland product quality testing. Commercial group of Alvand Gohar is proud to bethe first precursor in the field of bolts which has received Iran NationalStandards in the field of bolts production with the standard license number6638005925 from Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran. Theyhave attempted to establish, maintain and developed quality management systembased on the standard ISO/TS 29001:2010 and ISO09001:2008 in order to earn the trust of customers, improvingcustomer satisfaction and quality products. They are committed to the followingobjectives within the framework of relevant laws and regulations:          

1 - IncreasingCustomer Satisfaction

2- Observingthe law, regulations and standards

3 -Achieving a global standards

4 - Developing in process andproduct quality continuously

5 - Improving market shares

6 - Moving toward the system’smechanization

7 - Tryingto prevent errors and reduce waste fluctuations

The industrial group of AlvandGohar believed that system ISO/TS 29001:2010 and ISO9001-2008 can meet customer’ssatisfaction. Managers have shown their commitment to the quality managementsystem through continuous and planned review. So, they expect staffs to takeresponsibility, unity and teamwork. The perseverance and attention in the  selection of machines and experienced personnel has caused they not only createdifferent employments for young people but also contribute to the oil industry,petrochemicals; Tehran metro, automobile, Metal Industry, construction,shipbuilding industry, cement factories. Following these actions, the industrial group of Alvand Gohar wassucceeded to get confirmation letters and the International Standards. AlvandGopher’s products include different kind of nut and screw with diameterm20-m120, bolt and screw with diameter 5-1 in accordance with DIN-ISO standardsand ASTM-NMG in the grade of 12.9-10.9-8.8-5.8 andASTM A194, DIN, EN 20898.

Informationabout bolt and screw:

Definition ofScrew:

The screw is a rod which hassurrounded spiral grooves.  Groovesdesign is different in order to cutting the softer and harder materials. Thegrooves establish on the side surface of the screw as a triangle, square,trapezoid, semi-circle form. We need four components in the field ofunderstanding and definition of the screw:                                                                                                                                  

A) The diameter of the bolt b)screw length c) of the screw head d) gear type and Screwstep bolt peak between two thread cotton beside each other.                         

Resistance grade of screw:                                                                                                 

Resistance grade in bolts isdefined based on DIN with three numbers 8-8, 9-10, and 9-12.                                                                                                                            

The most common application ofscrews is to hold the pieces and objects. The cylinder portion from the up tothe end of the screw is named screw thread which have threaded whole or a partfrom it. Also, the distance between each slot with another slot is named screwstep bolt. Power screws that is called linear actuator or transmission screw isused for rotational motion conversion nut or bolt to the slow linear motionalong the screw axis. The goal of them is to get mechanical advantages such asJack and Press. The aim of another is to replace the careful axialmovement.                                                                                                                 `

Screw material:

Screw materials can be wood,metal, plastic. Steel is the most expendable material in the manufacture ofequipment including low carbon steel and medium-carbon steel. But it use for inthe field of high carbon steel, stainless steel (stainless steel) (MarineIndustry - Food Industry - wet locations), aluminum (Teflon dishes),copper.                                                                                                    

One of the key points thatmust be considered is gender and type of basic material. Since, it not onlyeffects on quality equipment but also affects a lot on their finished price.Steel wire has the properties of cold forming processes (heading quality/CHQ).These steels are expensive than structural and conventional steels. It isbecause of reducing air bubbles in steels with the ability of CHQ. So, wire’ssurface and cross –section is more uniform and homogeneous. It makes anyfractures don’t occur on equipment surface.                                            .

Screws in termsof application:

Screws are used in industry intwo ways:

 - A- fastener bolts:  they used for connecting a few pieces to eachother which have a triangular tooth form.                                                                                        

B: Transmission Screw: theyinclude helical screws which have used in the field of transferring movement orconverting rational motion to direct the movement or changing speed. Thecross-section form of these screws is often trapezoidal or square. From theother applications, we can refer to the lathe, milling machine, cutterpage.                                                                                                                      

Screw systems:                                                                                                                  

The screws are provided in twostandard systems:

-system DIN: German industrialform

-System ISO: InternationalStandards Organization

DIN system was used until 1960but today ISO system been replaced by it. Since the head of tooth is very sharpin DIN system and destroy screws quickly, this is one of the disadvantages ofthe system.                                                                     

Direction of screw toothrotation:

If direction of screw toothrotation be towards the right, screw is called right hand screw. For knowingit, it is enough to look it vertically. These screws use more than left-handscrews in industry. So, pieces categorize according to theircapacity in the field of transferring loads. When loads enter inside the screwaxial vertically,   pieces are named shear connections. Theycan transfer loads between shears or create friction connections. There is a combinedstate which load transfers from it based on combined mode from two states. Itprevents slip occurrence in friction connections which has created by compressiveforces between components. This frication force depends on some importantfactors.  Among these factors, wrapperforce and vibration resistance created in members of the connections are two themost important factors. Shear connections use for aerospace, construction,railways and bridges industries.                                            

Describingdifferent type of screws:

As noted above, the screws areused to mount and connect the pieces together and adjust the machine ortransfer the movement direction. For this reason, their importance in theindustry is very high. Other applications are: Machine tools, various clamps,vehicles, war equipment, ships, planes, metal building, tableand chairs, printing machines, spinning, weaving, furnishing.                                              

Kind of bolt andscrews:                        

Kind of bolt and screw oftencarves on page based on numbers and international reliable letters. So, inorder to recognizing the kind of bolt and screw’s alloy, we must understand themeaning of numbers and letters registered on it.                                                                                                                                 

Type of screwthread:

1 - ISO Metric Screw Threads (ISO Metric ScrewThreads)

2 - Unified Inch Screw Threads(Unified Inch Screw Threads (UN and UNR Threads)

3 - Pipe Threads G Series

4 -Taper Pipe ThreadsWhitworth Form

5 - American Pipe Threads

6 - ACME Threads

7 - Stub ACME

 8. Trapezoidal Thread

9- Buttress Screw Thread

10 - Round Threads (29)

Non-automatic or simply screws:


These screws need bolt for stabilityor a piece which is like a bolt. The most popular of them is hexagon screws.Also, there are other screws such as room screw, bolt welded, screwed drum; screwAllen.                                                           

Automatic screw:

Tapered screws have coarse toothand use for Soft parts, such as wood and plastic.                                                                                                                                    

Automatic screw is a kind ofscrew that doesn’t need any bolt for pieces stability and Plunge into thesystem. Their head is sharp and even make a hole inside the work piece forexample bit screws, wood screws. The head of screws is different. Some of them havetwo sides or four sides.                                                                 

Construction screw:

Types of bolts and steelwashers in accordance with standard level (DIN6916/HV-DIN6914/HV/DIN6951/HV). They use for steel building, bridge construction, Scaffold, truss, buildingframe and screws comply with the following standards and grades:                                                                                                                             



Screws and automotive Industry:

Special screws and washersused in automotive Industry including different type of special and automaticscrews.                                                                                   

 Screw related to the oil, gas,petrochemicals, and marine’s industries:

ASTMA193-A194-L7-B7-L7M-2H-A4-80 (316)-A2-70 (304)

Explaining the variouscomponents of screws and cutting method:                           

       Before anything, we must be familiarwith the various components of the                 screw:                                                                                                                              

1 - External diameter:  mujour D is the biggest bolt and screw’sdiameter which is called external diameter. It is the size of the tooth to thefront side of teeth that is showed by the letter (OD).                                                                                               

2 - Height or depth of tooth: Thevertical distance from the head of tooth to the end of tooth which is showed bya sign (H).                                                                     

3 – Inner diameter: Minor Dwhich is the smallest diameter of bolt and screws is named inner diameter. Itis showed with a letter (I).                                                 

4: Number of teeth: Nimber oft. it is the number of tooth include the number of tooth in an inch in anenvironment placed along the length of the screw. It is specified on a ruler orclis. Then we count tooth placed between inches that is showed by a letter(N).                                                                                                        

5 – Tooth pitch: it isdistance from tip related to a tooth to the neighboring tooth. It assigned to aletter (P).                                                                                                    

 6 – Vertex or headgear width:

It is a headgear related touniform screws that have a thin surface and connect both side of tooth to eachother.                                                                                       

7: Bottom width of teeth:

Sheeter floor between two toothaxes which connect them is called Bottom width of teeth.                                                                                                                              زاe ability of  of reducing ese steels are expensivethan                                          

8 – Mean diameter of screw(median diameter): pitch D includes: Hypothetical cylinder that wouldcut the bolt in place of the teeth has equally placed in the width of theadjacent grooves. In other words, we can say that it is the difference betweenthe largest diameter and the height of the ribs which is shown with the symbolof DF and or E.                                                                                                        

9 - LEAD BOLT: lead bolt is:

 The distance which screw inside the bolt orbolt on screw is similar to the tooth pitches in one turn. It shows differentkind of lead bolts.                                           

Scrapping pitches and screwswill be done via following two methods:                    

1 – Bolt cutters with inverseturn.

2- Bolt cutter equipped toscrew clock.

Inner screws cutting (bolts):

Inner screws which are boltsdepend on the kind of outer screw’s tooth in terms of tooth. Now, we candescribe the Inner screws cutting. Since, we want to build a bolt for aspecified screw. It is necessary to establish a hole inside it through theborer in a certain size or cut inside it via the cutter. For this purpose, wemust calculate the cutter diameter or Inside nut. Then, we should cut it viaborer in the same size. Basically, we must predict the space between screw andbolt’s inner diameter which is named clearance. It means that we make a hole ona bolt through borer which its diameter is more than inner diameter of screw.As a result, that bolt can move easily on pitch without clearance. Also, itprevents breaking the reamer. The amount of free space means the internaldiameter of bolt from inner diameter of screw depends on bolt kind. This sizeis selected based on depth gear for metals such as low carbon steel and copperalloys. But, this amount of free space is regarded to be equal to each otherfor hard metals. If we show inner diameter of bolt via T, we can obtain thesize of borer diameter through the following relationship.                                                                               

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